NetPoint + GPM Conference

Palmer House | Chicago, IL | May 7 & 8, 2020

Registration opens September 9, 2019

Get PDUs in NetPoint Training & Learn how to:

  • Get the most from new features
  • Leverage GPM & NetPoint differences
  • Analyze schedule metrics with Schedule MD
  • Present schedules that people can understand
  • Communicate the schedule to gain plan buy-in

Case Studies

Subject matter experts present practical yet cutting-edge solutions in case studies for project management. Industry-recognized thought leaders challenge some generally accepted practices and offer a framework and direction to move the industry forward in the coming years.

Communicate & Resolve Complex Schedule Issues

How NetPoint Completed a 4-hour Planning Session in 40 Minutes

Analyzing exhaustive, complex schedules has always been overwhelming for non-schedulers. Using NetPoint, Reniz Moosa was able to distill a 46-page, P6, commissioning schedule for a $300 million manufacturing plant down to a single sheet. This allowed him to highlight schedule issues and solve in a 40-minute meeting instead of the usual 4 hours. Reniz shares the strategies used to convert an incomprehensible P6 schedule into a usable document for non-schedulers.

2019 Keynote

Early & Late “P80” Dates

How can you reduce risk and improve the accuracy of project completion? Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon reveals the approach to developing an early/late bounding completion distribution envelope using GPM without the dangerous bias for early dates inherent in CPM. Attend to learn how to avoid unrealistic P80 results from optimistic CPM dates.

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