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Manage project risk with confidence


NetRisk™ is a module for NetPoint® that allows you to perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.


It provides an inherent integration with the planning process, enhanced schedule modeling capabilities, and cost functionality. NetRisk™ provides a strategy for identifying and controlling project or program risk and allows risk professionals to bring risk management into the future of project planning.

Schedule Risk Analysis

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The NetRisk™ Manager


Do everything in one unified location. Build the risk register, range activity durations, run simulations, and analyze results all in a single streamlined window – working dynamically with the schedule instead of obscuring it. NetRisk provides users with streamlined tools to deliver both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis including:

Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Interactive Risk Register
  • Probability & Impact Matrix
  • Risk Breakdown Structure

Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Duration Sampling, Floating, and Pacing
  • Prime Risks
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Scenario Modeling (Easy Comparison of Different Scenarios)

Duration Ranging, Floating, & Pacing


Model activity-based risk events to better reflect real-world conditions.


Capture the uncertainty in activity durations and simulate deferred start dates for activities when prescribed float conditions are met.



Event that occurs randomly and that involves delaying the start of an eligible activity within its float then-existing when the activity is scheduled.



Event that occurs randomly and that involves delaying the start of an eligible activity within its float then-existing when the activity is scheduled, provided the ratio of then-existing float to deterministic float exceeds a specified threshold.

For more on floating and pacing, please read:

Mitigating the Planning Fallacy

NetRisk™ Features

Statistical Power

Easy to use, yet fully-featured. Correlate activity durations and risk likelihoods and impacts, choose from nearly a dozen probability distributions, and run simulations using Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube sampling methods.

Global Duration Ranging

Save time entering data and approximate risk in seconds. Choose a global distribution shape and corresponding duration range to apply to every activity, run a simulation, and assess approximate schedule risk in a matter of seconds.

Prime Risks

Unique risk-activity impact parameters means never duplicating risk events again. Create and define risk events that can impact different activities with unique degrees of impact and probabilities of occurrence for each risk-activity relationship.

Interactive Results Analysis

Sophisticated tools for analysis and reporting. View, customize, and export a variety of charts that compare pre-treatment and post-treatment scenarios, and view the schedule at desired p-values directly on the canvas.