GPM® & NetPoint® Training

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As exclusive providers of GPM® and NetPoint® training programs, PMA Technologies educates all levels of project management practitioners on understanding the fundamentals of GPM®, mastering advanced features of NetPoint®, leading collaborative planning sessions, and more. Seminars typically range from one to three days and include lectures paired with hands-on interaction. Temporary NetPoint licenses are provided for all attendees during the training period.


Project Consulting with Schedule MD™

Our business project management consulting services include analysis and scoring of project schedules for more reliable results. The innovative features of our in-house software, Schedule MD™, are designed with this goal in mind. Schedule MD deploys its Schedule IQ™ algorithm to score the reliability of your schedule based on compliance with PMA’s Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule protocol. The algorithm considers logic, constraints, float values, the critical path, relationships, durations, progress, forensics, resources, WBS assignments, risk, weather, earned value, calendars, and more. We use these metrics to help project planners identify and repair the weakest parts of their schedules, resulting in more reliable overall scores.

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